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[ / PSA | Small Hiatus ]
you guys have probably realized it but I wasn’t on today. I have put on a forced hiatus, thank to no Internet I will hopefully be back Wednesday or Friday. If I can I will update periodically here and there.

I have a small queue set up, to Hiro, Miyavi and Kenji - don’t miss me too much; and don’t forget me okay? I will be back. Kenji, you will hopefully be the one who sends this message out. I love you guys and ill be back, promise.

[ mun ] going to bed. Sorry ahead of time if I’m not here tomorrow - night loves. Also keep fingers crossed I may have a small modeling job as a promoter for a clothing website. Bye loves!

The 9th gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting the mun for the first time.









but what if eren gets to his basement and it’s just 


TITLE: Koe ga kieru made
ARTIST: Mejibray
ALBUM: Raven