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Anonymous whispered:
Hey dear, just wanted to tell you you're an awesome dad! You're the idol of your daughter. Decisions have to be made in life and I'm sure you had your reasons to take one, don't let it bring you down ;;leaves some strawberries;; - MTK

"Thank you for the strawberries, they look lovely." He smiled, "Thank you for the support, it makes me feel good. MTK I’m a little stupid, who are you?" 

Anonymous whispered:
You are a perfect father... you have always been perfect in my eyes.

"Thank you." 

Anonymous whispered:
Do you think it will end badly... like in a divorce? ... well if you don't mind me asking?

"I honestly dunno right now."

Anonymous whispered:
You are not a horrible father, you never where and you never will be. What ever happened you made a decision that involved leaving and taking your daughter with you. You made the decision you thought best. I don't know what your husband did but whatever it was I hope he understands that you are in the right and he doesn't give you trouble. well that is if you are even calling him your husband.

"Thank you, anon. I don’t wish to take Miyako from him, he is able to see her when he wants.. Just I’m not in the best of shape to see him myself, I know he isn’t either. It’s best for us right now, you use to this time to heal and figure out what the next plan is.." Akihiko nodded, "I feel bad for having Miyako in the middle of this, I’m sure its hard on her more so than Kenji and I. I just hope she knows everyone loves her dearly." 

Anonymous whispered:
Hey, anytime, gorgeous. I don't hang around too much, but I bet I'll be there if you need a shoulder. Or a friend. Or just a gray face to talk to.

"Thank you, I have friends that are supporting me and its nice to have someone like you to as well. I really thank you." 

Anonymous whispered:
Hey, sorry to bother. I figured you don't need any "I'm sorry for you"s but I thought I'd just... Stop by and say you're lovely. And a great parent. And a great person overall and I feel bad that you had to go through all this shit. You're amazing<3

"Thank you, really! This has been a really bad couple of days, and actually I’m happy to get this. All this time I thought I would be an awful parent for all this." Akihiko rolled his lips together before biting his lips some trying not to tear — "I thank you for your kind words, I really needed it." he added in a whine. 

TITLE: Tokyo Drift
ARTIST: Teriyaki Boyz
ALBUM: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift [Original Soundtrack]